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This is the first of many blog posts that will strive to address and answer any and all questions person might have regarding qualifying for and obtaining SBA loans.  My other business is called Distressed Loan Advisors (www.JasonTees.com), and I have written over 200 articles about the topic of SBA Loan Workouts (i.e. when the you-know-what hits the fan).  I will attempt to do the same for the subject of SBA loan origination.

The rules can be confusing, and the water can often be muddied by lenders who attempt to steer you towards their bank.  I’ll attempt to help you figure all that stuff out.

If there is one difference between me and every other site out there is this:  not only do I dispense advice online, but I also do it in real time to.  I invite you to call or email me with your questions about SBA loans.

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